We review your photo

How would you like us to write a review for a photo you took? We’re sure you’ll feel great hearing what we have to say about a photo you’ve so carefully crafted. The review will give you a different and thoughtful insight into your work. This will inspire you to seek a higher degree of artistic achievement. The review of approximately 10 lines will be yours to use as you see fit.

The review will be sent free of charge to your email address. Neither payment nor credit card information will ever be requested. It will be up to you whether you support our site by making a one-time symbolic paypal donation or simply by telling your friends about us. One or the other will make us happy!

We will review your photo under these conditions:
a) You must be over 18 – or over 21 if that is the legal age in your country.
b) The photo you submit for review must be one YOU took. This means that no party – other than you, the photographer – can ever claim ownership of the photo.
c) The photo you submit must show a male or female nude artistically. The photo must not allude to sexual activity, offensive bodily exploitation, violence or pornography.
d) All persons in the photo must be over the age of 18 – or over 21 if that is the legal age in your country.
e) We reserve the right to refuse any photo that we deem unsuitable for review without any obligation to explain the reasons for such refusal.

Do you accept these conditions?